How your ViaSat satellite-internet system works

ViaSat links your computer/device, or TV, to the Internet with a high-speed connection via one of ViaSat's three satellites. Your ViaSat equipment connects your home or small office at speeds much, much faster than a   terrestrial internet connection -- in fact, file transfer speeds can be as much as 100 mbps DOWN and 20 mbps UP, a comparative speed to DSL or Cable modems, for the first time ever!  

Your new ViaSat service includes a dual band (2.4 and 5.0 gig) WIFI modem with 4 ethernet ports. A single 26" satellite dish and a modem are all you need. Please call for  questions on pricing and bandwidth limits.  Large houses will probably require wifi extenders or repeaters to extend wifi coverage anywhere on your property.

 A 24 month agreement contract is required by ViaSat, as well as your good credit. You may optionally buy your equipment and have no contract. Contracts can be bought out {by you} if need be (# of months remaining x $20.)

What you can expect from Viasat's 

high-speed internet service

versus "terrestrial" internet providers (Vownet, Texas Wireless, ANVIL to name a few)

These providers require you to buy the equipment, generally charge for the installation; they will have a tall antenna pole on top of your house that must be guy-wired, and much much slower in speed-especially during peak-use hours 5-11 pm) Line of sight is required back to their transmit/receive towers.

When you order ViaSat service, you'll be able to surf the Web for news and information, download music, videos

and photos, email and open large files - all in a matter of seconds. 

ViaSat packages are tailored to your specific needs, and each package comes with the capacity to handle your individual online activities and with NO Data caps. Truly unlimited data! 

Now you can stream Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and more. For customers with very large TV's (over 50", the higher bandwidth schedules will give you 720p resolution [same as cable and satellite delivery], where as the top "Unlimited Platinum" gives you 1080p Blu-Ray quality.  

The larger your screen size, the more you will notice [appreciate] the clarity & sharpness improvement in 720 or 1080p resolution from Gold or Platinum., like you see with Blu-Ray DVD's over standard DVDs. (used when streaming Netflix, PrimeVideo (usually 1080p), YouTube (usually 1080p or 4K, etc.) 

So whether you are downloading songs, pictures, or videos from a favorite source each month, there's a ViaSat plan that's right for you (with video resolutions up to 1080p blu-ray, depending on your bandwidth selection) 

Find out what you can do (and how quickly) with high-speed satellite Internet from ViaSat! Give us a call for an in depth analysis of costs and your individual family, personal, or business needs. Have all your questions answered by a professional.

This satellite based service is best intended for those NOT covered by a cable TV type system. < click this link to see other "fixed" internet providers in Wimberley & other areas. 

ViaSat service is faster, by far, over most terrestrial (over land) providers, who frequently are so loaded up with users their download speeds are they are

SEVERELY reduced and video streaming impossible. Pixelation, buffering, or freeze framing, are all tell-tale indicators of limited bandwidth from your provider.

Some terrestrial providers are offering less than 1 mbps,especially after 5 pm in some areas.

ViaSat speeds are FAST & reliable, even in rain storms, at any location or time of day.

Pick your plan based on the size of family and / or the size of your main TV. Streaming looks best at the correct download bandwidth for your TV-size, if you plan on streaming video. DirecTV and DISH resolution is 720p or the third package up, "GOLD" The top is 1080p and is blue-ray quality and best for 55" and greater TV or projector  sizes. Each plan within VIASAT's program is tiered to a specific video quality. Want sharper picture? move up one plan--you can choose that using your on-line account and try it out for a few hours, days, or weeks. You pay only for the time you actually remain under that plan. 

Vacation plans are also available if you plan to be away for a month or so.
Exede offers a discount for BUYING your equipment outright, as opposed to leasing the MODEM and trans-receiver at $10 per month (added to price above). Ask for money saving details ...



The chart represents expected speeds that will be reached using ViaSat service for a given service level; currently speeds are greater than that advertised rate. Speeds are not guaranteed by ViaSat.

Weather, latency and customer use band width volume can result in lower speeds over a month.

Your ViaSat Equipment and Installation: Getting started with your ViaSat high-speed Internet system is quick and easy. A modem and a 26" mini dish will be provided for your home or business; your installers will arrive on your scheduled installation date and time, to install them. The dish will be mounted to your non-metal roof or other exterior part of your home  so that it has a direct line of sight with the southern-eastern sky (130 degrees & 40 degrees above level horizon. The dish cannot be mounted with any trees or obstructions in its path towards the satellite. The maximum length of coax cable is limited by ViaSat to 150' or less. 

In some cases, the installer cannot mount the dish to your home (the free standard install), and will instead, have to attach it to a pole mount on your property.

This custom pole mount installation allows your ViaSat system to operate at peak performance without physical obstructions, but will require an additional charge based on the location of the pole and rockiness of the terrain.

Your installer will then run a coax cable from the satellite antenna, through a single wall or floor into your home, and connect it to the ViaSat modem. (some additional labor may be required for some installations, at small additional cost). An interior wall fish is an example of an extra charge install. 

Next, the installer will connect the modem to your computer and test for a connection. Your connection to the internet is an always ON connection. We can add an optional WIFI extender to enlarge the WIFI range to all parts of the house or yard.

  1. Professional standard installation generally takes about 3-5 hours, and includes service for one computer.